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Dorian in Savannah

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Unlike the destruction that Dorian laid on the Bahamas, Savannah made it through unscathed. We ended up having an exceptionally long Labor Day weekend. As with the last two hurricanes that had mandatory evacuation orders, Matthew and Irma, we opted to stay. We are quite equipped to handle most storms. This time around we even got a generator, but of course, didn’t have to use it. We never lost power or internet. It was less of a storm that either Matthew or Irma. Really, it was less of a storm than the one that hit us in May.

Most memorable take-aways from Dorian:
-People seem nicer and more patient. Or maybe I am. Maybe both.
-We got a chance to visit with neighbors we don’t see much.
-Off work from Saturday, August 31 through Thursday, September 5 (building was closed).
-Had dinner on the front porch the night Dorian came through, Wednesday, September 4.
-Porn in the storm. Does this need a little explanation? Yeah, probably. Mike and I were sitting on the front porch for much of the actual storm. It never really rained hard, but it was steady most of the day. During the later part of the afternoon, some guy rides up on an old bike and offers to sell us cds or movies. Mike lets him know we’re not interested. He then offers us xxx rated movies. Again not interested, but wished him luck in his rain-drenched sales endeavors. Only in Savannah.

That’s really about it. There are a few more storms out in the Atlantic. The hurricane season is by no means over. We’ll keep watching…and in the meantime, eating all the snacks we bought.

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