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Okefenokee – Our Paddle Adventures Map

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Since we started paddling in the Okefenokee, we have covered nearly 100 miles and many of the trails. Mike has painstakingly prepared a map showing the trails we have paddled so far. Check it out: Okefenokee Travel Map.

We have paddled every colored line you see and have stayed at every platform that is marked. It is missing our March 2018 paddle from Stephen C. Foster to Billy’s Island, up to Minnie’s Lake, and back to SCF. I’m sure we will recreate it sometime relatively soon. We also intend to add some photos to each way point so you can see what each stop is like.

The map is especially cool because Mike matched the official color codes for the trails from the Refuge to the trails on our map. This is one of the official maps: Okefenokee NWR Map.

Compare the official map to ours and you will see we have covered a lot. We’re not done yet. We will paddle everything eventually and love every hard-working minute doing it.

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