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Time Change – Let’s Compromise

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Since we Americans continually, collectively complain about the semi-annual time change, and since we can’t rely on Congress* to do anything useful (about it or anything at all), I have a suggestion for compromise.

Assuming we don’t stop this insanity at some point (which we really should), we should start the time change 24 hours earlier than we currently do. This would allow us to spring ahead or fall back on Friday night (technically Saturday at 2a) and give us a whole weekend to get used to it. As it is now, we only get one Sunday evening to get used to it then it’s suck-it-up-for Monday! I would wager that we would all be more productive if we had a wee bit of extra time to adjust.

Of course, this is an antiquated system and needs to be relegated to the history books, but if we are going to cling to it, we might as well try to make as best as we can.

*I recognize that many states have taken the burden on themselves of establishing whether they will adhere to a time change, but that is because these states have been failed by our Congress, who truly is the proper authority to establish this.

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