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Dun Hun of Dinermania

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We were watching the New Year’s Day episode of Jeopardy during dinner tonight. The following answer was posed:

“At its peak in the 5th century, this Hun’s empire stretched from the Rhine & Danube Rivers to the Caspian Sea”

Both Mike and I say outloud, ‘Atilla”, which of course, was the correct response. I sarcastically retort, “Like there are any other Huns.” Mike turns to me, and with a serious expression, says, “Dun.” I ask, “Dun Hun?” “No, I’m still eating,” he replies.

I about died.

Really. I inhaled tortilla bits from my taquitos, and coughed and laughed and cried all at once. Best joke of 2019 so far and I walked right into it.

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