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Requiescat in Pace, Reflections of 9/11/01

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In looking back at my writings here at the Gull Reef Club, I realize I have never shared my experiences on 9/11/01. I wrote this up a long time ago and have posted it elsewhere. Today is a good day to reflect on this, and share what I went through on that day. Please share your experience if you are so compelled; I’d really like to read it.

My morning, 9/11/2001:
It was a typical workday. I began the morning rituals around 8:45 am. First, I turn on the TV to CNN. Next, I feed the cats. Third, I prepare the coffee.

Mike was either in the shower or working on getting there. As I was preparing the coffee, the anchors interrupted with a “this just in” reporting “something” had hit the World Trade Center, most likely a plane. I watched the speculators continue for a minute and then yelled to Mike that a plane may have hit the World Trade Center. The anchors slipped into presumption mode and seemed to be coming to a conclusion that it was most likely an accident.

I resumed the morning ritual but with an ear tuned to the TV (it was an open kitchen/living room) and Mike went out to have a smoke. I began washing the coffee cups. I heard the anchors become very excited and say something about seeing a second plane. I turned to look at the TV just in time to fully witness the second plane fly into the building.

I became really weak. I knew this wasn’t an accident. I called to Mike but I couldn’t quite find the words, so I ran to the door to tell him what happened. We both returned to the living room and watched in disbelief for awhile. When we heard there were other hijacked planes, I said to Mike, “We’re being attacked.” And while the reporters on the TV would not confirm the same thing, Mike did to me, “I know. This was no coincidence, not an accident.”

The day was spent in front of various TVs, radios and computers, telephone calls made, the ‘I love yous’ and ‘are you safes’ exchanged. And as the day wore on and day gave way to night, the doubt settled in. The questions started coming like a flood. I have never in my life experienced such uncertainty and fear.

It changed everything.

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