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My friend, my friend, (s)he’s got a knife

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As much as I am trying to move away from following current politics for the sake of my own sanity, the occasional stupidity bleeds in and I feel compelled to comment.

The most recent, bleeding stupidity comes from the Mayor of London, who stated, after a rash of stabbings in his city, “No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife.” (Reference: Mayor of London, Twitter Feed)

Oh yeah, Mayor Khan? I guess this tiny woman didn’t need her daily-carry knife to open all her mail? Nor did I need it when I cut off a loose string from my sweater? What about my dinner plans? That delicious butcher beef is not going to cut itself.

There are times when politicians say the most ridiculous things to convey the illusion that they are reacting to issues of popular concern. This is one of them.

Just another reason to be thankful that I live in the great state of Georgia where knives are not weapons, but people-stabbers are criminals. It is sad someone of such education is unable or unwilling to make the distinction, and chooses histrionics instead.

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  1. Michael (Net2007) says:

    I’ve often felt this way, it’s strange and divisive times in many ways. As far as this goes, I think people often feel the need to put the blame somewhere and sometimes it’s in a way that’s not well thought out. I think it’s necessary to debate and work to solve problems, but that people are also easily misled and often bring up a topic due to some sub-conscience urge to vent their own frustrations. In doing so some will make the wildest claims or even push hateful rhetoric which doesn’t lead to problems being solved.

    This will change though and settle back down to some degree. I used to not think so, I even wrote a thread at AD a few years ago on how I thought there’s little hope but I’m now skeptical of that position. America has gotten through a lot, the 60′s were horribly divisive and people made a lot of arguments based primarily on emotion, but things calmed back down in the decades to follow. I think we’re experiencing a similar phase right now, but that it’ll be another phase that passes.

    Right now I’m trying to fight back with exposure. If a comment or position makes no sense or is unfair to someone else, in some circumstances I think it’s better that those types of things are exposed so that they’re seen for what they are and the person making the argument loses some credibility and therefore becomes less effective when trying to indoctrinate others in the future. Assuming the person in question isn’t resorting to flat out hate speech I think this can be very effective, however, when I take that approach I’m sure to explain that there’s an alternative to the insanity some are pushing.

    A knife ban is ridiculous and I hear you when you state how frustrating and crazy the world of politics has gotten, so I fight it but take break if I feel it’s having a negative impact on me. It works out, there’s something to be said for seeking out those who bring a degree of clarity to America’s current situation as well. Voices like Trouble’s, Julian’s, and Grey Seal’s are still out there.

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