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My friend, my friend, (s)he’s got a knife

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As much as I am trying to move away from following current politics for the sake of my own sanity, the occasional stupidity bleeds in and I feel compelled to comment.

The most recent, bleeding stupidity comes from the Mayor of London, who stated, after a rash of stabbings in his city, “No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife.” (Reference: Mayor of London, Twitter Feed)

Oh yeah, Mayor Khan? I guess this tiny woman didn’t need her daily-carry knife to open all her mail? Nor did I need it when I cut off a loose string from my sweater? What about my dinner plans? That delicious butcher beef is not going to cut itself.

There are times when politicians say the most ridiculous things to convey the illusion that they are reacting to issues of popular concern. This is one of them.

Just another reason to be thankful that I live in the great state of Georgia where knives are not weapons, but people-stabbers are criminals. It is sad someone of such education is unable or unwilling to make the distinction, and chooses histrionics instead.

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