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Yucky. Yucky. Bad. Ok.

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There is something a bit refreshing when it comes to the blather of very small children and very old people. They have no filters and can say whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want with little repercussion.

Today’s example brings us to Broughton Street. It is yet another lovely day in Savannah, and so there were a lot of people walking around town this afternoon. Among the moving crowds on the sidewalk was a lady pushing her daughter in a stroller. I estimate she was about two or so – the daughter not the lady. As the little girl was being pushed, she was looking at other groups of people passing, pointing to these various people, and declaring her immediate assessments of “Yucky. Yucky. Bad. Ok. Yucky. Ok. Bad.”

I think I was either an Ok or a Bad. Her pointing skills still need some work. I don’t think the fat woman in the tube top and yoga pants liked that she was declared Yucky, but the stroller kid was moving along too quickly for it to become a scene. Gotta say, the kiddo seemed pretty spot on.

Don’t you wish you could be filter-less like that without repercussion? It could be glorious…sometimes.

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