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Gnatty Dread

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Spring is springing all around Savannah, which also means the return of the sand gnats. We finally got a chance to get out on the boat yesterday for the first time this year. We didn’t ask the gnats to come along, but they did anyway. Despite my efforts to keep them at bay, including dousing myself in 30% Deet multiple times in just a few hours, they swarmed and feasted.

Sand gnats and mosquitos are both evil, blood-sucking bugs, but the sand gnats are far more relentless and pervasive than the mosquitos. Mosquitos are mostly predictable – they come out as the sun is rising or setting and near water sources. They are bigger, too, so you can see them easier to squish them. Sand gnats are a different story. They are harder to see, they don’t give AF about the time of day, and they live in the sand, which is essentially all of our soil here on the coast. Not only that, they don’t actually bite like mosquitos do, they scrape/chew away your skin and drink up your blood that way. The worst part about the sand gnats is that they will chew you anywhere – scalp, underarms, and yes, even your face.

While on the boat yesterday, the gnats did indeed, get me on my face. They chewed a line on my right cheek, just under where my sunglasses were sitting. When we got home, we first noticed this, and it looked like I had been hit in the face. The swelling was down some this morning, but since it is itchy, I must have been scratching it in my sleep, so it is still red. I had sort of forgotten about it until I started getting curious looks from co-workers. Everyone has been too polite to say anything, but I could see their expressions change once they saw it. There were looks of slight concern, which I appreciate, but are completely unnecessary. It was just bugs. I’ll be fine.

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