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Odd or Not?

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Is the following odd behavior, and if so, what would your reaction be?

Last Wednesday night (about 930pm), and then again last night (about 1015pm), a guy pulls up and parks in front of my neighbor’s house in a very nice, new, clean truck, complete with very dark tinted windows. He then gets a bike out of the back of his truck, sports a large orange back pack, rides north, and disappears for about twelve-sixteen hours. He then comes back, puts his bike in truck and drives off.

When it happens once, ok – weird. However, it has now happened twice, which indicates a pattern might be starting.

From what we have observed so far, there is no illegal behavior by this dude merely parking a very nice truck on a public street and then riding off on a bike, but it certainly is odd, particularly the timing of it – overnights on Wednesday.

So – odd or not? Would you do anything?

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