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Half of Us Are Wrong or in the Alternative, Half of Us Are Right

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Pandora is yelling at me to leave the box alone, but here I go anyway…

I really want to talk (or ‘open a dialogue’ in modern parlance) about the alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election, but am finding it quite difficult. The difficulty for me lies in the fact that half of you have come to a completely different position than I have, and that the facts upon which you base your position is a completely different set of facts than I am using. We can’t have this discussion if our realities are different. I end up thinking you are crazy or ignorant and you will think the same of me.

In the civil litigation world, we address fact issues in summary judgment by submitting a Statement of Undisputed Facts or in pre-trial by submitting a list of evidence we intend on relying upon at trial. Leading up to that, we often swap expert reports in an effort to show our expert has the most proper understanding of the facts. We don’t have it so clean or easy here. We can’t even agree whose experts to believe (Washington Post? CNN? NYTimes? Zerohedge? Breitbart? Wikileaks?).

At this spot in my post, I’m supposed to come up with some sort of conclusion statement to close things out. I can’t even do that. So – конец. Feel free to use my space to discuss this, but know that there’s a 50% chance 50% of us think you’re wrong.

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  1. Trouble says:

    I’ve been following the saga and cataloging links of interest that contain more than mere rhetoric. You have a great idea. Perhaps the best place to start is what do we know? This started with an allegation and the follow ups were never fully followed up. Then a strange doubling down took place and we ended up with subsequent pop up issues after the fact.

    So what do we know?

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