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Time to Pay the Piper, Illinois

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The dire financial situation of the Illinois state government has been in the news a lot lately. Their lack of proper budgets due to politicians who can’t get their act together is at the heart of this issue. Every government funded agency is suffering up there right now, including the state-run universities, one of which is my alma matter.

The desperation is now being put on full display in the notable increase of third-party solicitations I am receiving through my alumni society. In the past, I would get one maybe every six months. I was hit with two of them today, before noon, and one over the weekend. So I guess I need to expect that my alma mater is now selling my alumni information to any third-party that will buy it. This is not going to earn them much money but it will certainly bring the animosity of those who dislike their information being sold. I’m leaning toward leaving the the alumni society over this. I’m not your band aid, and at this point Illinois, you need far more than any band aid could offer anyway. Perhaps it’s time to start selling your assets, Land of Lincoln?

Reason #6226 I am glad I left that stink state almost 16 years ago.

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