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Not able to get to any uke practice today like I had anticipated so lucky you – I’ll blog instead. I’ve recently consumed a few media items so time to share and review.

Gone Girl, a novel by Gillian Flynn. I read this about a month ago. I have not seen and probably never will see the movie that was made based on this book. (I really don’t watch movies, please stop asking if I’ve seen _______). The story was fantastic. It developed quickly and moved along swiftly the entire time. The one and only thing I disliked was the ending. I understand why the ending was done the way it was, but I was left feeling ‘robbed’. There was no justice served and that is not a normal ending for a western-style novel. It’s hard to get over that. All in all, I liked it, and will probably seek out some of Flynn’s other work when I remember.

Not long after that, I read the first graphic novel series I’ve read in probably decades. This was Tatsuhiko Takimoto’s Welcome to the NHK. Like Gone Girl, I wasn’t a fan of the ending. They actually both ended similarly with an Asian-style ending, which is no end – they just keep repeating cycles. People making the same mistakes and history repeating itself. It’s a rather Hindu/Buddhist style ending, which is just hard to accept, although reflect reality quite well. All in all, this was quite a compelling story. I also came away with a new perspective on some Japanese-related cultural aspects, which is cool.

For both of these novels, if you are looking for a typical Western ending (boy gets girl, hero saves the day, the bully is embarrassed/quashed, etc.) you will be disappointed. If you can handle that things just end the way they started, you’ll probably like these a lot more.

Two weeks ago, I was listening to the OTR show, Suspense. One of the episodes I heard was Diamond as Big as the Ritz. Wait?! What? Isn’t that just the name of a Jimmy Buffet song? Turns out the answer is no. It was actually a story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald (or probably Zelda and he just stole it from her). It is a historically dated story, but still a good and fast read. It covers the usual theme for Fitzgerald – the excessively rich and what they do with their money. Find a copy online (it’s everywhere) and read it. It’s short and worth your time.

On the TV end of things, we’re on the precipice of NHL Hockey playoffs. Huzzah! I really want to wax on how stupid the NHL is in their decision regarding the 2018 Olympics, but I will save that for another day.

My favorite new TV show is Designated Survivor, staring Keifer Sutherland. In talking to some family, we learned a lot of us are watching this. Are you also? If not, start now! It is hands-down the best new show I’ve seen on TV in a long time (last time I liked a show this much was Breaking Bad.)

OK, the clock is ticking down and my lunch hour is almost over. Go Hawks!

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