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It’s a Boy!

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After much consideration, we took the plunge and adopted a kitten on Friday. Our newest addition comes to us by way of the incredibly caring folks at Castaway Cats. Please welcome our new boy!

He came with the name Gabriel, but we’ll be giving him a new moniker once we get to know his personality a bit. He is incredibly social, very nimble and agile, and of course, kitten-spastic. He is already getting along with our two older boy cats, and the Queen-B of the House Sugaree has mostly been oblivious. The youngster has kept to the upstairs and Sug rules downstairs, so no issues. Plenty of room for everyone. All in all, he is fitting in very well and far quicker than I had anticipated.

Thanks to Stephanie and her family for keeping this little guy alive and healthy until he could become a part of our family. We are very grateful, and are looking forward to making many memories together.

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