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Fun with Solicitors

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Somehow my work direct dial phone has gotten on some spam lists and I’ve gotten a handful of bogus sales calls over the last week. I’ve let 99% of them go to voicemail, but one happened to come through while I was on lunch (yes, eating @ my desk – I’m that cool), so I answered.

It started with a recording which stated that “a friend” had recommended I wanted this call for a home security system. If I wanted more information, I needed to press 1 and stay on the line, so I did.

A female got on the line (perfect American English, I don’t think this was outsourced) and asked me enthusiastically -
Her: Are you ready to receive a FREE home security system?!?!
Me: Are you ready to stop calling law firms with your crap sales calls? [Then I LOL at her, and hear subsequent laughter from a few in the cube farm around me].
Her: [Pause, Silence] Uhhh…yeah, good luck with that. [Hangs up on me].

That was fun for all of 45 seconds. Now what to do with the rest of my lunch hour?

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  1. lordhelmet says:

    I prefer to answer as Jim Bob from Gather’s Creek Georgia.

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