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School’s In

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If this is a repeat topic, I apologize. I thought I had previously written on this, but I wasn’t able to find it. So here you go, my no-dog-in-this-hunt-but-that-will-not-stop-me-opinion on the subject of the first day back to school here in the South. In short, W…T…F…?

For the sake of my non-Southern dwelling readers, most of the public schools down here will start this week, if they haven’t already started. In case you’re not familiar with Savannah’s sub-tropical climate, the average daily highs for the first three weeks of August are above 90°F and it rains almost every day. We, therefore, have a situation where we are opening up and cooling public buildings during the year’s highest heat and humidity.

What collective group of jackasses (because we all know this is not the type of decision that gets made by a sole jackass) thought that starting school this early is a good idea? Don’t go giving me that old BS of ‘it’s a hold over from farming times.’ We haven’t been an agrarian culture in over a half century (arguably more). There is no way that this is still the reason for the hold over. I’m not really sure what the reason is. I can say that it is insanely energy inefficient, and that is the source of my annoyance.

With most of the modern environmental weeny-ism consciousness being pushed in our public schools, why is this still even ‘allowed’? Isn’t it amoral to use more power than one needs to or some socialist blather? Ultimately, the real problem is that it is far more costly to use power during peak power usage season than not. It is a poor use of the schools’ tax revenues. The money should go for actual education, not artificial climate control.

As promised, I have no real stake in this arrangement, other than feeling like a ripped-off tax payer. That feeling isn’t new though, however. That brings us back to this being a rant for rant’s sake, which is now over and I feel better.

Enjoy your first day of school, (hot) suckers!

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