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Don’t Anecdotally Diminish Me!

Filed under: — Jaime @ 2:05 pm

This lunch hour was supposed to be spent either shopping for a bridal shower gift or for working on a writing contest entry, but no. Instead, it’s rant time. You have been warned.

The topic of this rant is about those who anecdotally diminish my/others’ experiences. This is something that occurs all the time, but it’s been rather prevalent as of late (in my personal, anecdotal, experience, of course).

Let me give you some real examples (going further into the irony/more anecdotes territory):
1) Me and a friend are in an elevator. I was grumpy and my friend asked why. I told her I was very cold because the a/c had been on too low all day and it made me miserable. Out of the blue, two old ladies in the elevator decide they need to get involved in our conversation and lecture us on how we should be grateful for the cold air because once we get to be their age and experience menopause we are going to need the a/c at a near freezing level. You know what? STFU old ladies. I was cold. I am not menopausal and your useless anecdote is just that – useless. Not only that, it pissed me off. Why are you trying to diminish my feelings? What good does that do? I WAS cold. You old ladies being menopausal and having a different preference for climate control does not mean that my experience being cold was any less.

2) A college-bound person I know (trying to preserve his/her anonymity here,so “CBP”) was at an event and needed to leave. CBP’s leaving was contingent on another person at the event giving him/her a ride. The ride-provider was slacking and not really wanting to leave the event, so CBP was getting more and more stressed to the point where he/she had to step away from the event because the stress was about to turn into a panic attack.

A few of the older people at the event became aware of CBP’s actions and instead of trying to help the situation or merely stay out of it, they had to voice their anecdotal opinions of, “CBP is stressed? Please. CBP doesn’t KNOW stress. Try living MY life. THAT’S stressful.” So again, STFU older people. CBP’s stress was real. Just because you, as an older, and in theory wiser, person, have the tools to deal with the kind of stress CBP was learning to deal with, doesn’t mean CBP’s experience was NOT stressful. How about a little empathy instead? How about sharing some of those great tools you have learned to teach CBP on how to handle his/her stress? How about just not being a jerk?

3) This one is far more general. This example is one I’m sure we’ve all heard with much frequency, especially if you happen to watch/listen to any right-leaning talk shows. “You can’t have an opinion on the military (and now more recently, the police) unless you have served yourself.” This one is pretty easily defeated with ye olde, “Well, I’ve never murdered either, but I have an opinion on murderers.”

I don’t really have any goal to this post. It’s a rant for rant’s sake. I guess I am mostly trying to bring to light something that is very annoying, and quite, frankly, rude.

TL; DR: Don’t diminish other people’s experiences because their anecdotes don’t match up to yours.

Next rant: rude joggers. See you soon.


It’s a Boy!

Filed under: — Jaime @ 6:10 pm

After much consideration, we took the plunge and adopted a kitten on Friday. Our newest addition comes to us by way of the incredibly caring folks at Castaway Cats. Please welcome our new boy!

He came with the name Gabriel, but we’ll be giving him a new moniker once we get to know his personality a bit. He is incredibly social, very nimble and agile, and of course, kitten-spastic. He is already getting along with our two older boy cats, and the Queen-B of the House Sugaree has mostly been oblivious. The youngster has kept to the upstairs and Sug rules downstairs, so no issues. Plenty of room for everyone. All in all, he is fitting in very well and far quicker than I had anticipated.

Thanks to Stephanie and her family for keeping this little guy alive and healthy until he could become a part of our family. We are very grateful, and are looking forward to making many memories together.


Fun with Solicitors

Filed under: — Jaime @ 2:02 pm

Somehow my work direct dial phone has gotten on some spam lists and I’ve gotten a handful of bogus sales calls over the last week. I’ve let 99% of them go to voicemail, but one happened to come through while I was on lunch (yes, eating @ my desk – I’m that cool), so I answered.

It started with a recording which stated that “a friend” had recommended I wanted this call for a home security system. If I wanted more information, I needed to press 1 and stay on the line, so I did.

A female got on the line (perfect American English, I don’t think this was outsourced) and asked me enthusiastically -
Her: Are you ready to receive a FREE home security system?!?!
Me: Are you ready to stop calling law firms with your crap sales calls? [Then I LOL at her, and hear subsequent laughter from a few in the cube farm around me].
Her: [Pause, Silence] Uhhh…yeah, good luck with that. [Hangs up on me].

That was fun for all of 45 seconds. Now what to do with the rest of my lunch hour?


School’s In

Filed under: — Jaime @ 9:14 pm

If this is a repeat topic, I apologize. I thought I had previously written on this, but I wasn’t able to find it. So here you go, my no-dog-in-this-hunt-but-that-will-not-stop-me-opinion on the subject of the first day back to school here in the South. In short, W…T…F…?

For the sake of my non-Southern dwelling readers, most of the public schools down here will start this week, if they haven’t already started. In case you’re not familiar with Savannah’s sub-tropical climate, the average daily highs for the first three weeks of August are above 90°F and it rains almost every day. We, therefore, have a situation where we are opening up and cooling public buildings during the year’s highest heat and humidity.

What collective group of jackasses (because we all know this is not the type of decision that gets made by a sole jackass) thought that starting school this early is a good idea? Don’t go giving me that old BS of ‘it’s a hold over from farming times.’ We haven’t been an agrarian culture in over a half century (arguably more). There is no way that this is still the reason for the hold over. I’m not really sure what the reason is. I can say that it is insanely energy inefficient, and that is the source of my annoyance.

With most of the modern environmental weeny-ism consciousness being pushed in our public schools, why is this still even ‘allowed’? Isn’t it amoral to use more power than one needs to or some socialist blather? Ultimately, the real problem is that it is far more costly to use power during peak power usage season than not. It is a poor use of the schools’ tax revenues. The money should go for actual education, not artificial climate control.

As promised, I have no real stake in this arrangement, other than feeling like a ripped-off tax payer. That feeling isn’t new though, however. That brings us back to this being a rant for rant’s sake, which is now over and I feel better.

Enjoy your first day of school, (hot) suckers!

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