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Sorry Not Sorry

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This is a Facebook-related topic, so if you are a FB hater (and I certainly understand if you are, you can skip this post).

Am I the only one who is absolutely hating the Memories feature? This may come as an odd complaint from a person who is passionate about history, but I’m finding this to be incredibly annoying. I’ve even taken to hiding all Memories posts that any of my friends post. Sorry, but not sorry, my friends. I already saw your post the first time, and I don’t need to see you kissing a puppy 2 years after the fact.

I know your memories mean a lot to you. They should. However, social media is shallow and usually void of context. Don’t go dredging up your memories to post like everyone else cares. Yes, it’s harsh, but no – no one else but you cares.

So go ahead, scroll back through your old posts and pics. You should do that every once in awhile. It can be a lot of fun. Just don’t share it with anyone else. No one wants their Newsfeeds clogged up with non-news.

All right, donning the flak jacket. I know I’m going to get hell for this. I still love you all, and will always remember you.

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