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The Music Never Stopped

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Yesterday, marked the untimely passing of Mike’s brother. Sometimes the emotion of it all is still more raw than it should be, wounds that just won’t heal.

This year, we’ve had the fortune of finding some peace from the pain. Mike and I have somewhat-recently come into our ‘inheritance’ from his brother – his entire music collection. For those of you that knew Mike’s brother, you realize what a vast and awesome collection this is. For those of you who don’t – think of it as about 400 or so CDs of just about every variety of music (with an exceptionally large Steely Dan section). We’ve been in the process of digitizing these CDs and making them available to the family music library.

What I love about this is that music was always such an important part of his life, and of course, remains so in ours. Music was probably the strongest link between us all. Now that we have his music, it’s like having a little part of him, the part I best love and remember, with us always.

Keep on dancing thru the daylight
Greet the morning air with song
No ones’s noticed -
but the band’s all pack and gone.
Was it ever there at all?

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