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MIA: Manannán Mac Lír

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Here’s one of those odd coincidence stories for you. First, some background.

I often spend Savannah’s single winter month inside doing genealogical research. This year has been no different. I’ve recently put in some hours on my Ferguson and Quigley lines in an attempt to have some good ‘Irish Family History’ to add to my tree by St. Pat’s.

My research so far indicates my Irish ancestors came from North Ireland, Counties Derry and Antrim. To inspire me to continue on my N. Ireland research, on Tuesday, January 20th, I updated my work computer desktop with a photo of a statue of Manannán Mac Lír, a Celtic sea god, that was placed on a hillside in County Derry in 2013. It looks a little like this:

Well, it did, anyway.

On January 21st, I read that this statue was STOLEN. Yep, that’s right, someone(s) had the gall to steal a six foot, weight unknown but quite heavy, statue. Even worse, the jackasses who stole it thought it would be a good idea to leave a wooden cross in it’s place with a sign stating, “Thou Shalt Not Have False Gods Before Me”. Really, zealots? You feel threatened by this fiberglass statue? Pathetic.

Not a new point, but it’s worth repeating – if zealots feel the need to tear down a statue of a fictional character because it threatens their god, then their god is a weakling and shouldn’t be worshipped anyway. Suck it up cowards and return the statue. Your god wants you to. She told me. ;)

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