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Sometimes You Feel Like Nut

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My uncle found an abandoned 1960s Eko 995, and a number of family members were kind enough to make arrangements to send it here from Illinois. This weekend, with Mike as my guide, we were set to begin the tear down and clean up of the Eko. Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far. Turns out, the truss rod was broken off in the nut, so that killed any plans for this bass until we figure out whether we can get this fixed for a reasonable price.

Mike wrote about it more on his music blog, here: 1960s Eko 995 Broken Truss Rod Nut. He is reaching out to people he knows for ideas, and I am feeling slightly hopeful he will come up with a workable solution. In the meantime, I thought I’d share about this too in the off chance one you have an idea for this. I sure don’t want to have to part this thing off. It’s so pretty-pretty. Help!

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