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It’s Alive!

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Guerrilla bathroom art update! As you may recall, we have a little rogue art/physics installation in our ladies’ restroom, started by yours truly (See: Balancing Act). I was overjoyed when I learned someone was joining me in my kitch-efforts to make potty time a wee bit more fun (wee bit, oh yeah, I’m punny, too).

Today, my joy over said bathroom art has been extended exponentially. It started this afternoon when, once again, my mystery-(p)artner, or possibly a third artist, added to the installation by including a second, empty tissue box. This new box was turned on its tall side so it can serve as a pedestal for the cup holder and original, full tissue box to sit. Notably, this new box does not appear to be of office origin; meaning, someone may have brought this box from home to include it. That’s an artist who cares right there.

Art time wasn’t over yet, however. Toward the end of the day, this mystery artist or now multiple artists, has/have added a roll of toilet paper to the mix. It is growing into a tower. It’s alive! It’s so intriguing we may have to arrange a showing.

I even broke my rule about devices in public bathrooms to snag you all a pic. Another round of thank-yous to our office artists. You really brighten up the place!

Viva Arte de Baño!

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