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Balancing Act

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In the ladies restroom, there is a small, circular cup holder that has been absent of cups almost the entire time I’ve been employed here. It has a hole on the top where the cups are to be inserted with a spring inside to push up new cups up as they are used. Also in the ladies restroom is a box of tissue, which actually does contain tissue. They both sit on a small table.

About two weeks ago, in one of my monkey-efforts to amuse myself, I balanced the box of tissue by one bottom corner in the hole on the holder where the cups are to be inserted, making a defacto, kitchy art installation…yeah, art. That’s it. The balancing act lasted a few days and the tissue box eventually fell down. I again balanced it sometime last week; again, for my own amusement. You know, physics is fun and all that. Gravity eventually took over a second time and the tissue box fell off the holder.

Today, I entered the ladies room and much to my surprise, and of course amusement, someone else has balanced the tissue box on the holder in the exact same way I did. Secret artist and physics fan, you are awesome. Keep it in balance, my friend.

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