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First Past The Prime(r)

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Free time for the last two weeks has been occupied assisting Mike in crafting cornhole boards (for us and 3 extra sets for family). The work was worth it, and we now have seasons of high-stakes tournaments ahead of us. The Mike/Jaime team is already up 1-0 on the Mark/Jen team. It’s going to be quite the fierce fall. I’m very much looking forward to football season (you gotta do something when the Bears aren’t on). Anyone up for a game, come on over! The results:

I’m looking forward to seeing how our family members paint their sets. Obviously, theirs will never be as good as Mike’s, but we’ll see who comes in 2nd. (I sure hope everyone’s sarcasm meters are on!)

And now for a kitty pic. Oscar and low lighting making our house extra-spooky.

I close by congratulating myself by typing about cornhole and not making a single double entendre. Maybe congrats aren’t in order, maybe I should be worried…

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