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End of August Miscellany

Filed under: — Jaime @ 2:21 pm

First and foremost – the every Simpsons episode ever marathon. Almost as fun as having a time machine. I’ve spent almost a week now replenishing my supply of sarcastic quotations. If I say something mean to you over the next week or so, I’m just quoting this show. It’s not really me saying those things so you can’t hold me responsible.

Sticking with the Simpsons, I am putting out another request out to see if any of you are playing The Simpsons Tapped Out. Mike and I could always use more friends… mostly because we want to raid your town. I am Caralibra in the game & Mike is Mike-SAVGA. Add us or let me know your game name and I’ll add you. Huzzah for marauding!

I don’t recall the Cure’s Disintegration being such a long album, and since when do all of the songs sound the same? It took me all morning to listen to that album, and I’m not sure if there was more than one song on there.

While we’re on the topic of music, why do I like the E minor chord so much? I have a strong attachment, and it’s starting to feel a little odd. Anyone else have feelings like this? Also, is Em really dark, dark blue in your mind’s eye? Am I even making sense?

Now I need to go look at pictures of Illinois in January. It will help put this hot August in Savannah in perspective. Repeat: Bug bites and heat are better than snow and high taxes. Bug bites and heat are better than snow and high taxes. Bug bites and heat are better than snow and high taxes. I BELIEVE!


Men’s Fashion Survey

Filed under: — Jaime @ 2:15 pm

A survey question for you all. First, the usual disclaimers – this is all in fun and there is nothing scientific about my little research project here. (If you find yourself offended, check what you’re wearing before whining to me).

It has been brought to my attention that men (Westernized) who wear V-neck shirts as their outer-wear are douchebags. Upon my own subsequent observations, I can’t find an example that disputes this. Therefore, I ask you dear readers:

Are men who wear V-neck shirts as their outer-wear douchebags?

If I get enough results (like one or two). I will provide a report. Thank you for your participation in this men’s fashion survey.


Stop Me If You Think That You’ve Heard This One Before

Filed under: — Jaime @ 10:23 pm

In a quasi-committed effort to catalog the soundtrack in my head…

To start the day, 5 O’Clock World, The Vogues. This was my own homage to the spectacular life story of Robin Williams, RIP. The connection is this song was on the Good Morning Vietnam soundtrack, which I listened to on heavy rotation as a youth.

Next up was our collection of Less Than Kind songs. (Very grateful to Mike for updating my anytime access to our house music!). The voice of the singer of one of the songs on there, So Much For Everyone, reminded me of the singer from the band Live (remember them?). I looked it up and it turns out So Much For Everyone is done by Dan Mangan, who has nothing to do with the band Live, as far as I can tell. I’ll have to look more into Mangan when I have time. Of course, all this led me to listen to Mental Jewelry next.

In between LTK and Live, I wandered over to the local Goodwill, mostly in an aim to rid myself of the lollipop purse (much to the chagrin of Mike and Ashley, I’m sure). While there, the Talking Heads (And She Was) played on the PA followed by The Clash’s Rock The Casbah. Yes, that will keep me shopping, thank you. I ended up with just a few more items than a purse. Just a few. Nice work, Goodwill.

Oh and Kmart? Screw you. Jeans and hoodies. Kids jeans and hoodies. I. Can’t. Stop. Screw you clever jingle writers. May the hell you are surely going to play your jingles in perpetuity. Gotta stop watching live tv.

Rounded out this evening with my Morrissey/The Smiths mix. All about the angst, right? I can’t wait for August to end. Really, I just need to make it to the 22nd, when The Simpsons finally go into syndication. Finally.

Geoguessr is my current favorite way to kill August. Totally addicting. To date the closest single guess I got was 461.6 m/504.8 yards (4998 pts) at a spot near Arrecife on the Canary Islands. Can you beat that?


First Past The Prime(r)

Filed under: — Jaime @ 8:56 pm

Free time for the last two weeks has been occupied assisting Mike in crafting cornhole boards (for us and 3 extra sets for family). The work was worth it, and we now have seasons of high-stakes tournaments ahead of us. The Mike/Jaime team is already up 1-0 on the Mark/Jen team. It’s going to be quite the fierce fall. I’m very much looking forward to football season (you gotta do something when the Bears aren’t on). Anyone up for a game, come on over! The results:

I’m looking forward to seeing how our family members paint their sets. Obviously, theirs will never be as good as Mike’s, but we’ll see who comes in 2nd. (I sure hope everyone’s sarcasm meters are on!)

And now for a kitty pic. Oscar and low lighting making our house extra-spooky.

I close by congratulating myself by typing about cornhole and not making a single double entendre. Maybe congrats aren’t in order, maybe I should be worried…

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