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Your Garden Variety Mystery

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We have a volunteer plant growing in our side yard that we are unable to identify. Not knowing what it is has annoyed me enough to bring it up here in hopes that one of you keen-eyed or green-thumbed readers can help me out.

The side yard is about a 3 foot alleyway between my neighbor’s house and ours, but it is about 90% our actual property. It’s mostly overgrowth, and unfortunately, more greenbriar than I care to admit. (I hate you greenbriar!). Mystery Plant showed up about a year or two ago and we cut it down at least twice. When it started to come back again this spring we let it go to see what happens. It’s current height is about six feet tall and not very wide, maybe about two feet at most. It is growing up one main stalk and doesn’t seem to be branching off much (yet?). The colors in the pics are close to real life. The leaves are very waxy and smooth. It gets some shade, but lots of summer sun. It never droops even on the hottest days. Hope some of this info helps. We really want to know what it is, and if it is worth keeping, or if we need to hack it down before it eats our shed or something invasive like that.

In good garden news, the pampas grass we planted a few years ago has finally pamped. It was getting annoying because the two plants we had grew very big (even after a major cut back this spring) but wouldn’t go to seed, the coolest part of pampas grass. I now see this plant is one of those that needs to mature a bit before reproducing, like fruit trees. (Novel concept, eh, humans?).

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