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The Volunteers

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This afternoon, Mike and I transplanted three plants that should have never made it through winter. The first was a may night salvia that we bought last spring (2013). We had intended to plant it, never got around to it, and there it sat in it’s little plastic pot for a year. Somehow it survived being completely ignored, including the harshest winter I’ve experienced in Savannah. Recently, we noticed it has begun again to flower. There’s no way we could ignore a little volunteer like that any longer. Today, we transplanted it to a larger, terracotta pot, in better soil. That should do wonders for a plant of that strength.

The second two plants were red new guinea impatiens that we had originally purchased for the planter box that Mike made last summer. In the fall, we moved them out of the planter box and replaced them with an aster (a more fall flower). At that time, there were eight or so clipped stalks that still had flowers, so I brought them in and put them in large Oktoberfest-style, clear glass steins for vases, being appropriate for later September/early October. I thought they’d eventually lose their flowers and I’d toss them away, normal cycle of life stuff here. Nope. Not these fighters. They grew roots, hearty roots, and kept on, and on- throughout the entire winter. I did change the water periodically, and even added some liquid fertilizer once, which mostly resulted in an explosive growth of algae. Today, we planted these volunteers in the most appropriate container we had – a volunteer. A few months ago we had a windstorm blow over someone’s hanging basket. It was in great shape, so we took it in for a day just like today. It could not have worked out better.

Good luck, little volunteers!

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