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Chanson du Jour

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A week or so ago, a co-worker and I commiserated on how lyrically apropos parts of John Lennon’s Mind Games was for that day for the both of us. Particularly the, “You gotta let it, you gotta let it go” line (although, truly, that song has little to do with workdays). Since then, I’ve been having these song-of-the-day moments where a certain song becomes immediately appropriate for the day’s circumstances and I can’t resist the urge to listen to it. Today there were two. This morning started with Foam (Phish)…not a lot of lyrics there, all perfect, however. The day ended just as perfectly when the Beatles’ Two of Us came on the random mix.

Mike helped me keep up the Beatles/Lennon theme tonight by teaching me to play You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away and the Ballad of John & Yoko. I’ll let you guess which one I was better at (there was definitely one).

Rounding out the night, I found a groovin 70s mix stream to listen to in the shower. How good you ask? How about these tunes all in a row: Convoy (CW McCall), Moonlight Feels Right (Starbuck), Gonna Fly Now (Bill Conti) aka the Theme from Rocky. Oh yeah.

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