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Rain on the Parade

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Rain on Savannah’s St. Patrick’s parade day wasn’t all that bad. The temperatures themselves held in the 60s, and it was light rain most of the time. For a first time in probably a decade, Mike and I were on our own – no guests. While I prefer the guests, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the opportunity to be mobile and to dictate our own schedule.

One major bonus of the rain is that it cut down on the crowds, particularly the kids. This was the second year we rode our bikes down, and we certainly were able to get closer to the parade itself than last year without having to park the bikes.

The only even slightly negative aspect of the day was the security guard? cop? in Colonial Park Cemetery who tried to tell us that there was a new law that said we couldn’t watch the parade from within the cemetery grounds. Odd, since there were no signs saying such, nothing in the news about said new law, and most importantly, the cemetery gates were open! If the City didn’t want us watching from there, they could have simply closed the gates. Big fat duh. The worst part of it was that the cop felt it important to tell us we were being recorded. Yep. Got it. But remember, Missy Cop – so are you. We opted not to argue with her, but we’re still considering writing an indignant letter to…someone.

The highlights were getting to see a lot of the tradition of the parade – the Crab Shack float, the Alee Shriners, and both the Nassau Co. (NY) and Virginia Tech pipe & drum corps (bonus points go to VT for playing Scotland the Brave, one of four national anthems I can identify by music alone). There was a really nice float I hadn’t seen before hosted by a staffing company. It was a very classy coach pulled by clydesdales. They won the Chairman’s Award, whatever that is.

Probably the absolute best part of the parade was the 3rd ID band (that’s the US Army, 3rd infantry division). The band was rocking Parliament’s One Nation Under a Groove. The trombonist, in particular, was incredible. I think it’s safe to say this is no longer George W. Bush’s army. It was nice to see them having fun. Guess this means the US isn’t broke, right?

The corned beef has been slow-cooking since around nine. Until then, it will be a relaxing afternoon of coffee, cinnamon rolls, and sitting around. Hockey starts at seven.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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