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The Promised Pics

Filed under: — Jaime @ 9:41 pm

As I mentioned earlier, my favorite bass now has a brand, new pickguard. The sweetest part is that Mike made it all by himself from custom ordered materials. I’m incredibly pleased with the results. He did a marvelous job. Mike did a full write-up of his work for those of you so inclined, Finished: New Pickguards. Some pics are there. You’ll see he also made one for himself. Here’s one of my favorites:

It is a time like this that I realize I’m not your average female. Most wives are thrilled if their husbands buy them jewelry or similar baubles. I’d be beyond annoyed if Mike dropped a dime on jewels. To date, I still don’t even have a wedding ring, which is entirely the fault of me. Mike has talent, and I am on the receiving end of his creativity and labor. I feel quite lucky.

I Wonder…

Filed under: — Jaime @ 12:52 pm

…if anyone would notice if I ditched the rest of work to stay home and play with my baby and its new pickguard. I’m useless today thinking about it anyway. Pics later. Mike did a hell of a job. It’s beautiful. Sigh…

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