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Gyro Genius, Mike!

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Forgive the cheeze of the title, I couldn’t resist. It appears Mike has figured out the basics for gyros that are as close to the Chicago-Greek we know as authentic.

The gyros involved a two-day process. The first day we seasoned and ground the lamb and beef (they were already ground, but we ground further). We then formed it into a tube shape and vacuum sealed it. Day two, we sous-vide the loaf in our crockpot for about 4 hours. After a rest, Mike cut it into thin slices and broiled a bit. Toppings were standard, including homemade tzatziki sauce, diced tomatoes and onions. We even wrapped them in wax paper and aluminum foil and let them rest while we made the onion rings. It was The. Best. Gyro. I’ve had in Savannah. I am thrilled that we get leftovers tonight.

Other miscellany for this first day of DST -

*I’ve been contributing some time to Zooniverse lately; specifically, Operation War Diary. Operation War Diary provides British WWI diary pages to the public to tag/index the information contained in them. I’ve done a number of pages for the 57 Field Company Royal Engineers (fanboy love for engineers!). Yesterday, I was humbled as I tagged an account of their involvement in the First Battle of the Marne in September 1914. It told of their blowing up bridges on their way to the trenches. It also mentioned 500 prisoners and 6 guns were taken. While I generally don’t like military history, I like this aspect of it. It humanizes the otherwise dull discipline of memorizing dates, troop movements, and leaders.

*As if Henrik Lundqvist couldn’t be hotter, I now learn this.

*I finished my first audio book recently – The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins. What a fantastic book it was. The audio aspect of it took a little getting used to. It was odd having someone read to me. I haven’t had anyone do that for me for a very long time. I am on my second audio book now, and the readers are no where near as good as the the lady who read The Hunger Games. I am starting to realize that makes a difference on whether or not I like the story, which sort of sucks. I feel like I’m missing some of the nuance with poor narrators.
—–*I also recently read the third book in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker series, Life, the Universe and Everything. If it wasn’t Adams and if it wasn’t part of the series I would not have finished it. It was tedious, giving definition to the word slog. Ugh. I now question whether I will read the fourth book.

*In mid February, we noticed some garlic we had in the kitchen had sprouted. We dug up a small patch in the yard, fertilized it a bit with manure, and planted the wee sprouts – about 12 bulbs in all. Today, the stalks of the bulbs stand 4-6 inches high, and are thick and healthy. We’ve never grown garlic before so I’m looking forward to see if this works out. If it does, we’ll be in luck as they are bulbs and should return every year.

Ok, enough for now. I am going to go find a way to further appreciate the rest of this gorgeous day and late daylight hours.

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