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Hyperborean. I have latched onto that word today. I first came across it in the article I posted last February about my 3rd great grandfather. Because of the record cold weather across Canada and the US right now, I went back and re-read it. 3rd great Grandpa was a badass. I suspect he’d laugh at everyone cowering in their houses afraid of a little nature right now. At least I hope so.

I feel obliged to mention Christmas and New Year, but frankly, the topics bore me. This whole holiday season was just like that. Uneventful, and now, thankfully, over. I don’t mean to diminish the time I got to spend with friends, family, and at home; it’s just that this year seemed rather contrived, and that it took an effort on everyone’s part to even give the appearance of giving half a crap. No one really seemed interested in having a Christmas or New Year, but because the calendar said it was, we did, and that was that. That last sentence read like Forest Gump wrote it. I’m done with this topic.

I managed to sneak in some pleasure reading over the weekend. Our very incredible Live Oak Library offered me yet another quality recommendation in Ursula Poznanski’s Erebos. This was a little bit Ready Player One and a little bit Person of Interest. It sated my geek-needs. I am hoping my first inter-library loan comes through soon. Ideally, that will be the next book I read, but I suspect it will arrive on the 23rd (my next surgery date – boo!).

This entire post, much like Christmas, feels forced. I’m out. Happy 2014.

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