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Weeks One and Two, Year Thirty-Seven

Filed under: — Jaime @ 5:54 pm

Weeks one and two of year 37 have been a whirlwind. First, my sincerest THANK YOU!!!!! to all of you kind of enough to remember me on my birthday. I am always humbled when so many turn out to wish me well.

I couldn’t bother myself with trying to make this year’s birthday into something special. My bigger concern was for Mike and the serious dental surgery he underwent last week. As is often the case, the worry was for naught. Mike is recovering incredibly well. In fact, he’s recovering far, far faster than I did earlier this year with my periodontal surgery. (Now, if our bank account could recovery as quickly, I’ll be overjoyed.) All the best to you, Mike!

For my birthday dinner, I scored a double. On my actual birthday, I had just started a 10-day regimen of heavy-duty antibiotics (related to those periodontal issues) and wasn’t feeling so great. Mike prepared me a delicious, fresh grouper filet with Mediterranean style flavorings. The sides were fresh asparagus and white rice, all with similar flavors to the grouper. It was fantastic.

The following Sunday we celebrated again with a true Chicago style pizza. I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned the differences in ‘Chicago Style Pizza’. If so, my apologies for being redundant. If not, enjoy your lesson: Deep dish pizza is shit. It is for idiot tourists who don’t know any better. TRUE ‘Chicago Style Pizza’ has a very thin crust, almost cracker thin and nearly as crispy. The toppings should be mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, green pepper, and onion (mushrooms optional). The pieces must be cut in small squares. NEVER triangles. Pizza should never, ever be soggy or folded. Mike found a pretty good go-by for Aurelio’s Pizza and was able to reproduce a pretty, damned close one. Thank you Mike! Pizza in Savannah sucks and this was a perfect way to enjoy my birthday.

Thanks again to everyone who thought of me on my day.


Please, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

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I have spent numerous hours rebuilding my very own Springfield via The Simpsons Tapped Out. It is a fabulous game, and I am particularly enjoying all the Treehouse of Horror Fun. Unfortunately for me, however, some of the fun of this game relies on the players being social. Always a problem for this intentional introvert.

I also have a hang up preventing me from friend whoring. Instead, I’ll appeal to you, my readers and virtual friends. (I can see a clear and distinct line between friend whoring and what I’m doing here, can’t you?). If you’re playing TSTO, please for the love of Kodos, add me – Caralibra. Keep in mind, it will be really helpful to get a heads up first if you intend on doing so, since I will get all weirded out by complete strangers attempting to add me. Even the remotest level of contact makes you less of a creeper.

Thanks, friends!

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