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Time for some early September recap. Be warned this is a long post, but it’s been over a week since I’ve turned on my actual computer and used my keyboard. While I’m very much enjoying my tablet, and it has pretty much replaced my home computer, I very much miss real typing. Tablet typing blows. A lot. Moving on…

We had a marvelous Labor Day weekend with the visit of my baby brother and his family. It was the first time I got to meet all of them. We also just received the great news that he (brother) will be registering his relationship with the authorities! Kidding aside, I’m thrilled to know I’ll be getting a sister-in-law and new niece & nephew. What a delightful little group they are. Our time together was far too short.

Tomorrow President Obama will deliver a speech that is supposed to convince us to get involved in another nation’s civil war. I am weary of this topic already. There are a few highlights to this debate, however, none of which were thought of by me. For example, the Pauls (historically Ron and now Rand) don’t seem so crazy afterall, well maybe not as crazy. I hope this forces the much needed split in the GOP, which sorely needs to drop the leadership/seniority of the likes of Boehner, McCain, Graham, et al. I won’t be holding my breath. I also am a slightly amused, but possibly more bemused by the fact that Russia is looking more like a Superpower than us. As was pointed out to me, they are the nation to host the next Olympics, they are the nation that just hosted a G20, they are the nation providing asylum to an American political refugee, they have world opinion on their side to not strike Syria. Who’s the leader now? Finally, I heard someone make the point that we should have never even brought up the red line and simply, silently cyber-attacked them. Knock their power out, reek electronic havoc, generally. Israel would be blamed. Simple.

On the brighter side of this month so far, I did manage to read my first tablet ebook. My choice was Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Admittedly, I wanted to dislike this book. It starts slow, has the setting of a racist/paternalistic/puritanical future, and is in an odd, stream-of-consciousness style. It picks up about 1/2 way through, and the ending is so remarkably clever it makes up for the slow, weird start. It’s worth checking out.

The other two books I’ve read since I’ve last posted are Ruthanne Lum McCunn’s God of Luck, and Fannie Flagg’s Welcome to the World, Babygirl!. God of Luck was written in a traditional, Chinese story style, at least from what I recall from taking one ancient Chinese history class in college. Meaning it was short, prose-like, and for a sarcastic modern westerner, unbelievable. It was meh. Welcome to the World, Babygirl! was everything I expected it to be, which is unfortunate because it had potential. It could have been an inspiring tale about a young woman who makes it in a ‘man’s’ world in 1970s America. However, it adds a tortured genealogical plot line that kills the inspiration and made it eye-rolling worthy. So another meh.

I really want to go on about a lot of random things, but I’ll save those for later. It’ll keep you guys coming back ;)

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