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Is it any wonder that the monkey’s confused?

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Welcome to August. Insert blather about time flying and time getting away from you, and all those other verbs we apply when the noun is ‘time’.

Keeping with my usual reclusive activities, I’ve read some more, played more music, and made more plans for the house. I’ve also had thoughts on the following:

*What’s with the trumped-up Roger Waters anti-Semite controversy? Seriously, people, get something real to worry about. Roger’s reply is worth a read.

*(Thought reprise) What will it take for the middle-class tax payers and businesses of the USA to finally begin the peaceful tax boycott we so desperately need? Forcing Obamacare on us hasn’t done it. Confirmation that we’re all being spied on by our own people at our own expense hasn’t done it. The DOJ’s ridiculous selective enforcement of law hasn’t done it. Ignorant, lying, power-hungry politicians haven’t done it. The problem is none of us wants to be first. No one wants to be the first person or business to refuse to pay their federal income taxes as a form of protest. What if it doesn’t catch on? What if the idea doesn’t domino? Then the individual is in jail or the business bankrupted. We need someone to lead this, it just won’t be me. I hate being this kind of coward. Take me to your leader.

*The 13 MLB players suspended today for being cheating drug addicts and helping destroy the entire reputation of the game of baseball:
Alex Rodriguez, Yankees third baseman, 211 games
Nelson Cruz, Rangers outfielder, 50 games
Jhonny Peralta, Tigers shortstop, 50 games
Everth Cabrera, Padres shortstop, 50 games
Antonio Bastardo, Phillies reliever, 50 games
Jordany Valdespin, Mets outfielder, 50 games
Francisco Cervelli, Yankees catcher, 50 games
Jesus Montero, Mariners catcher, 50 games
Cesar Puello, Mets outfielder (minors), 50 games
Sergio Escalona, Astros pitcher (minors), 50 games
Fernando Martinez, Yankees outfielder (minors), 50 games
Fautino De Los Santos, Padres pitcher, 50 games
Jordan Norberto, free-agent pitcher, 50 games
Try this – do a wiki search on each of the above names. Note how many of them were born in the USA (I’ll make it easy for you – just one). Just something to consider.

*Continuing to make the most of my library card, I’ve done some more e-reading. The homepage of the Download Destination offers recommendations. I’ve taken them up on two, and I’m pleased to report the recommendation algorithm seems to be working. Based on the first recommendation, I can’t say they have my demographics pin-pointed, but it was quite an enjoyable read, regardless. The book was Sharon G. Flake’s Bang! It appears to be popular juvenile reading, and used in some junior high and high school curriculum. Many of the reviews I read complained of the fantasy twist this book takes. Having never read any of Ms. Flake’s books, I had no preconceived notions on her story-ending style. I liked the twist, regardless of how unrealistic it seemed.

*The other book the Download Destination recommended to me was Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Thank you algorithm! I LOVED this book. I just finished it, but keep finding myself going back to the story. 2044-45 as described by Cline seemed so sanely plausible. Cline was able to utilize his familiarity with geeking out on points of past pop culture into a fluid adventure story, a talent many self-declared geeks envy. I will be 69 years old in 2045. I wonder if there will be an OASIS?

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