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365 Days Later

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I’m a bad wife. Earlier this week, I was nearly oblivious to the fact that our one year marriage anniversary is today. Fortunately, I was reminded in time, and we’re now enjoying a thoroughly lazy, rainy Saturday. We’ll watch some baseball, play some music, make some low country boil with local, fresh shrimp for dinner, and blueberry muffins for dessert. I could get used to this.


The Living Is Easy

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Feels like it’s been forever since last I posted. Time for the usual catch up and miscellany.

*Congrats to the Blackhawks on taking the Cup. I feel lost with out hockey. The Facebook countdowns to the start of football season are in no way helpful. P.S. to Mom – where are our shirts?!?

*4th of July was wonderful. Erik made it. Ed did not. We’re starting to wonder if he really owns a plane. The City put on a great show as always. It was a rather small crowd downtown this year compared to others. Mike took his ice creaming making to a whole new level – deconstructed snickers. Coffee ice cream served in waffle bowls with peanuts and homemade caramel and homemade magic shell. Yeah, that’s right – homemade magic shell. Huzzah for kitchen chemistry! Did any who had any happen to get any pics?

*I finished two books recently. The first was a quick, easy, relatively mindless story, The Neighbors Are Watching by Debra Ginsberg. The story had potential, but it seemed to sacrifice action with emotion. Too much time was spent fretting about the various characters’ personal problems and not enough with the actual story line. Fortunately, it was not long so I made it through, and don’t feel like I was robbed of time or anything like that.

The other book was Carson McCullers’ The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. This book had been recommended to me a number of times over the years, usually by liberal, northern do-gooder teachers, who thought it would help round out my view of the world, including on the ever-so-backwards and outright dumb south. For now, I really didn’t like this story at all. It seemed the message was: People are boring and live boring lives. I understand that, but I don’t really care. There was something about it that really actually has ticked me off, but I can’t seem to articulate what it is. It has to do with the fact that it was set in the south. It made me feel like I had to defend my choice to live here (to myself). Maybe it’s that it felt like McCullers was trying to box in the boring people living boring lives as being uniquely southern. I’m still thinking this one over, maybe I’ll end up liking it eventually.

*The trailer for the movie Savannah is out. You Gull Reef Club regulars know I am not a movie watcher. However, I’ll see this one for sure (in the comfort of my own home, when available, of course). Even if Jim Caviezel’s southern accent sucks out loud – he’s easy enough on the eyes to let that slide. It very much helps that his costar is Chiwetel Ejiofor (ladies? gay men? are you seeing this line up?!) And for those of you who haven’t put it together yet, it’s set in Savannah! And it’s a period piece! Gush!

*I leave you with some new reasons (thanks to Mike and Erik) as to why I love the internet, not in spite of, but because of all it’s randomness, most of which are probably NSFW or children:

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