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Summer Reading Time!

Filed under: — Jaime @ 9:22 pm

I know I’m not the only one excited about this. Taking advantage of a day off, I finally renewed my library card. By doing so, I now have access to the Georgia Download Destination. I’m overwhelmed by my options. Any recommendations?



Filed under: — Jaime @ 9:42 pm

Doing nicely with feedly so far. Thanks to Doc for the comment.
English and Baltic ivy are among some plants added to our landscape this weekend.
The a/c has not been on yet this year. Us:1 – GA Power:$0
Really wondering if I can keep this up…
Only 226 more shopping days until Christmas.
I think I finally got chocolate chip cookies rightall shortening, no butter – gasp!
Toronto, I was cheering for you. Maybe next year?

So glad Mother’s Day is over. Now maybe FB can get back to posts of lost dogs and hilarious cats.
Uncovered that Mike has had at least one direct line relative who come through Ellis Island.
Clematis is beautiful, and we will have some in our yard this year.
Keurig seems like coffee abuse. It’s not all that hard to grind your own beans.
Study recently brought to my attention. It’s totally true.
!I wish I spoke Spanish so I could use exclamation points at the start of sentences.


Is This Thing On?

Filed under: — Jaime @ 5:28 pm

As Google Reader’s death date has been set, I had to find a new RSS reader. I’ve opted to go with feedly for now. It allowed me to import my google reader feeds, and was really easy to set up. I’m not particularly fond of the layout/look, but I suspect it’s because of my ‘old-school’ preferences for website design.

Anyway, the point of this post is to test feedly for my own blog feed and to test the comments feed. It sure would be helpful if one or two of you would leave me a comment for my testing purposes. I realize I can comment on my own blog, but that seems really desperate and sad, so help your favorite virtual Innkeeper out.

Some stuff to read and comment on:
•Important, yet bittersweet news: LTK returns June 2
•Hilarious and awesome news: Five reasons the Canucks are out of the playoffs. They did forget #6, actually the REAL #1: whiny, lying bitches don’t win cups.
•Just Hilarious: What time is it? 8 past Luongo! A joke stolen from my brother; I’m not sure if it’s his.
•Anticipated, but not news: Season Finale of Person of Interest tonight. I freakin love this show. Thanks, Erik. Of course, we’ll be recording it in lieu of staying up to watch the Hawks. One for the Dagger, and one for the one you believe!
•If you haven’t found any interest in commenting on the above, consider this: think of the people in your life who play a musical instrument with any regularity. Now divide them by gender. More men than women on your list, right? My question is: why is this? Why do more men play music as a hobby than women? Mike gave me an answer that I wasn’t particularly fond of, but is probably pretty well founded. If you leave me a comment, I’ll tell you what that answer was.

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