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While still not being back into the political debate groove, a few random thoughts I can’t resist –

* It appears I will be losing my representative to a Senate campaign. Assuming that is Thursday’s announcement, that will leave me with 1 elected official representing me on the federal level – Johnny Isakson. Chambliss is retiring and Kingston will be campaigning, neither will be interested in the representation portions of their current employment for the remainder of their terms. What a joke. It is for this very reason I support Mike’s idea that a person should not be allowed to run for office while holding an office.

* Attention, People of South Carolina, District 1: If you vote in Mark Sanford as your representative, you will have proven yourselves far stupider than I had ever thought of you. Bonus points to Rand Paul, however, for further proving to us he is simply another politician with his endorsement of this exemplar candidate.

* I was saddened to learn Leslie Conn is leaving the Savannah Morning News. Other than Bill Dawers’ columns, I have no real reason to visit that site anymore. Lame. Also of note, which is also lame – I couldn’t link directly to Bill Dawers’ columns from anywhere on the SMN. I could only link to the columnists generally. So again, lame.

* 100% non-political: our new appliances arrived Friday, a refrigerator and a dishwasher. I felt like a kid on Christmas. They are so freaking awesome. Homemade ice cream returns this summer – huzzah!

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  1. Dontreadonme says:

    Re: Mark Sanford…..after Marion Barry I am not surprised by the choice of any electorate. But I am of course, a professional cynic.

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