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Filed under: — Jaime @ 5:53 pm

While still not being back into the political debate groove, a few random thoughts I can’t resist –

* It appears I will be losing my representative to a Senate campaign. Assuming that is Thursday’s announcement, that will leave me with 1 elected official representing me on the federal level – Johnny Isakson. Chambliss is retiring and Kingston will be campaigning, neither will be interested in the representation portions of their current employment for the remainder of their terms. What a joke. It is for this very reason I support Mike’s idea that a person should not be allowed to run for office while holding an office.

* Attention, People of South Carolina, District 1: If you vote in Mark Sanford as your representative, you will have proven yourselves far stupider than I had ever thought of you. Bonus points to Rand Paul, however, for further proving to us he is simply another politician with his endorsement of this exemplar candidate.

* I was saddened to learn Leslie Conn is leaving the Savannah Morning News. Other than Bill Dawers’ columns, I have no real reason to visit that site anymore. Lame. Also of note, which is also lame – I couldn’t link directly to Bill Dawers’ columns from anywhere on the SMN. I could only link to the columnists generally. So again, lame.

* 100% non-political: our new appliances arrived Friday, a refrigerator and a dishwasher. I felt like a kid on Christmas. They are so freaking awesome. Homemade ice cream returns this summer – huzzah!



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I have a post drafted belaboring the bombing in Boston and it’s aftermath. At this time, I am opting not to post it as it doesn’t seem productive, and likely to make me enemies I don’t want or need. Suffice it to say, it was a bad day for liberty. Let’s leave it at that.

Instead, a few random, interesting items.

*Fascinating reading: The Business of Phish.

*Only 3 regular season games left. I’m looking forward to a very extended playoff season. Baseball is not a good summer alternative for me this year.

*Happy 10 year anniversary to us living in this house. My big, old, white house with pillars on the front porch…in Georgia. Nearly the exact place I used to dream of as a kid. I’m in the very early stages of putting together a scrapbook covering the history of this house and the land on which it sits. It’s a fun side-project away from genealogy but still history related.

*Speaking of anniversaries, I’m almost two years into playing bass. I’ve learned that practice really does get you somewhere. Well, I suppose I always knew that, I just am lazy and never really applied it. It helps to have a fabulous teacher, whom I’m sleeping with. I’d recommend learning an instrument to anyone. The things playing has done for my brain and body can’t be described. It’s worth every minute. Now that I think about it, I’d rather be playing. Have a nice night!

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