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March 4th!

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March 4. The only day of the year that is also a command. March forth. (Thank you, Mr. Lubbe).

My recovery is going great, not much pain anymore – just some dull headaches. I’m almost back to eating completely normally. I do have a lot of sensitivity, and so have my first prescription toothpaste, really more of a fluoride treatment. I still can’t get over the science behind what is happening to my head. I have new bone growing in my skull. Hello 2013! Thank you to everyone who has asked about my well being.

I have spent most of the last two weeks doing exactly as I planned – reading lots of retro sci-fi, studying genealogy, and watching lots and lots of hockey. I wish hockey was more popular in the south, but I also recognize the logistical issues preventing that from ever being a reality. Center Ice is worth the price, although the NHL should have comped all satellite/cable subscribers with a free year as thanks for our patience in waiting out their strike.

March 1st was St. David’s Day, as I was reminded by my Welsh friend, Julian. He asked at America’s Debate if any of us were familiar with the day and/or Welsh heritage generally. It’s odd I wasn’t aware of the day until Julian first mentioned it, although I was aware of some Welsh ancestry I have. He inspired me to work on that line again. In the process, I ended up going down a slightly different route. The end result was that I have uncovered yet another Canadian based line. This time they appear to be French Canadian, although I’ve not narrowed them to any place beyond their immigration to Cheboygan, Michigan. I’m not sure how far I’ll be able to take this line since I can’t read French or Latin.

Here’s the list of stories I’ve read while recovering, and of course, my quick synopsis/review:
Modus Vivendi, Walter Bupp
synopsis: attorney addresses civil rights issues for disliked minority population of psychics, telekinetics, telephaths, etc
review: rather cool story. believable future/legal problem. rather rare in that it is legal and sci-fi, bonus points for that.

Impact, Irving E Cox Jr
synopsis: future interplanetary Federation fooled by seemingly native culture
review: pulpy, somewhat silly, more narrative than action

Attention St. Patrick, Murry Leinster (aka William Fitzgerald Jenkins)
synopsis: terrible, Eire planet, dinies
review: worst story I read the whole recovery. don’t read this. unless you’re a masochist; then, read away.

The Coffin Cure, Alan E Nourse
synopsis: common cold cured, sense of smell becomes really good, too good, the world stinks
review: based on an idea that dogs don’t get colds, something from their noses is extracted and whala – no more colds, sense of scent is overloaded. meh. not a fan.

Meeting of the Board, Alan E Nourse
synopsis: ironic – middle management goes on strike against lazy corrupt union
review: cute. easily sympathetic to the idea even if a mediocre story. would probably work well if modernized.

The Nothing Equation, Tom Godwin
synopsis: really good. remote bubble outpost in space – goes crazy as ‘nothing’ trying to get in
review: one of the best I read all recovery. total psychological thriller. very short, so read this one for sure.

Assassin, J.F. Bone
synopsis: human kills alien invaders acting benevolent
review: this has the makings of a badly done action flick aimed at white conservative males, 17+. coming to a theater near you.

Pandemic, J.F. Bone
synopsis: widow volunteers in 1 man, sealed lab to fight plague/find a cure
review: this reeked of that silly positivity we see in so many post WWII stories. oops, I guess that ruins the ending for you, so you can skip this one too.

Hope your March 4th was a productive one.

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