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Recovery Part I of II

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I made it through osseous gum surgery #1 (top jaw) without much incident. Certainly it was, and is, painful, but there has been relatively little bleeding, which is reassuring.

I find myself thankful to a whole number of you who have helped me through so far. Topping the list, of course, has been the amazing care provided by my husband, Mike. He has a great knack for visualizing what needs to be done with all sorts of various projects – be it a major home repair or creating/enhancing music-related items or in this case – caring for me. Prior to the surgery, he went and bought all sorts of foods that I would be able to eat, filled my Rx, and got the house in a general working order. Since the surgery, he has been so attentive and helpful. Thank you so much, Mike. I would have never gotten through this without you.

I also owe a load of thanks to my periodontist W. Lee Young, DMD and his accommodating staff. Dr. Young utilizes top technology and has a ton of experience. I felt safe in his hands, and am a lot less nervous about my eventual bottom-jaw surgery.

A bit of sarcastic thanks to Mom for dumping her periodontal genes on me. Truly, thanks for being an inspiration to go through with this surgery, Mom.

Of course, my sister, Jen, has been a sweetie-pie with all of her texts and offers to help. I particularly enjoyed your visit the night before. Also thanks to Mark for being kind enough to share his chocolate covered strawberries with me. Leading up to this surgery, I ate like a queen (again, more thanks to Mike for his kick-ass cooking abilities).

Thanks to my friend, Trouble, for his super-kind message the other day. Thanks to my friend, Lindsey, for making time to have lunch with me leading up to this as well. I don’t know when I will be able to have a nice, greasy, diner burger again, but I am looking forward to it.

Mucho gracias to all the folks at work. If this were a year ago or even two, I doubt I would have been able to get through this with the ease I have. I am coming up on my year anniversary with the ‘new’ place, and can’t imagine working anywhere else. I am beyond grateful to have such a good team I know I can lean on when needed.

I can only guess I’ve forgotten to thank someone or something, and for that I apologize. For convenience, I will blame the meds.

For the rest of this weekend, I’m taking it easy. My big plans are to catch up on old sci-fi (ie mags from the 50s-70s), some genealogy research, watching lots of hockey, and eating mushy food. I hope I can contain my excitement!

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  1. Liz (aka MrsP) says:

    Sorry to hear you needed surgery, Jaime. :-( Bit I am glad to hear everything else sounds like it is going well for you.

    I didn’t even know you and Mike are married. Congrats belatedly! :-)

    I LOVE that genealogical site you provided a link to on the forum, btw. Thanks so much!

  2. Jaime says:

    Good to hear from you, MrsP! I’m feeling a lot better, but am in no way ready for surgery #2. I’m thinking maybe May. Glad you liked the newspaper archive. If you’re ever on the hunt for free, online genealogy/historical record repositories, let me know. I have a ton bookmarked.

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