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No Longer Contagious

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Some miscellany as I recover from my head cold…

*During the height of my illness, over the weekend, I was witness to one of those odd, universes-converge moments. Mike was surfing Google images to try to help me get an idea of what color I may want my bass. While contemplating ‘surf green’, he came across an etsy artist, whom at one point sold this: ?????. No, we did not order that. Meaning, there is another Mike and Jaime out there who married on 7-20-2012. It was a little stunning. I sort of want to meet this other Jaime and Mike. I hope he’s a guy Jaime. Cute craft, too. I’d buy it…if I were a crafts buying person.

*I’ve made some significant progress on my family tree. In fact, I was surprisingly productive on the first two nights of my illness (last Fri/Sat), and uncovered over 90 documents related to my great, great aunt. I opted to look more into her because I learned she had written a biography of her father/my 3rd great grandfather. Turns out that I opened the door to researching a very accomplished person. She was born in either Canada or Minnesota sometime between 1856-1863. From what I gather she was widowed young and remarried in her late thirties/early forties to an artist, who was an interesting fellow as well. Much of my research focused on my gg-aunt’s years spent in Washington DC. While her husband was illustrating microscopic images for NIH publications, she was participating in a number of organizations. Most remarkably, she was a long time member and former president of the League of American Pen Women. She worked to promote various causes including forestry and conservation, English opera, and something I can’t quite peg – the anti-food trust. I don’t know what that one is, but that phrase appears in a few articles related to my gg-aunt. I intend on continuing my research as I’ve found very little of what she has actually written. She was a pioneer pen woman, I know her words are out there. I just have to find them.
Here’s Aunt Annie:

*If you see this lovely bride anywhere today, wish her a happy birthday!

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