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Holy Mother of Unicorns! Your Angel of Death has struck already. My choice of Pauline Philips was a good one. Alas, the original Dear Abby has passed.

Oh – and here are everyone’s lists:

Honey Boo-boo
Al Gore
Garrison Keillor
Larry King
Jay Leno
Rush Limbaugh
Rupert Murdoch
Sarah Palin

Jimmy Carter
Bob Dole
Kirk Douglas
Michael Douglas
Queen Elizabeth
Zsa Zsa Gabor
James Garner
Jerry Lewis
Nelson Mandela
Ariel Sharon

Patty Andrews
Bobby Doerr
Joan Fontaine
Bob Dole
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Henry Heimlich
Lyndon LaRouche
Nelson Mandela
Peter Marshall
Pauline Phillips

Sir David Attenborough
Lord Richard Attenborough
Fidel Castro
Dominic Chianese
Kirk Douglas
The Duke of Edinburgh
Clint Eastwood
Lindsay Lohan
Nelson Mandela
Eli Wallach

If any of your picks goes and I don’t notice, please let me know.

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