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Norman Paperman, the Ante-legend Days

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Home from work for a mini-vacation, I’m already enjoying truly just relaxing and not being stressed about much. While randomly searching online for Gull Reef Club related items, I ran across an amusing book review of Don’t Stop the Carnival from LIFE Magazine published near the book’s release, March 5, 1965:

Some of the contemporary cultural references flew over my head, but it’s a pretty cool review overall. This review adds a lot of historic perspective for me about the story itself. When I first read it, the book was already old enough to be ‘retro’. I couldn’t help but to read it that way. This review reminds me that when it was published, it was set in the current time. There was nothing retro about it. Probably doesn’t make much of a difference to anyone but me and maybe Jimmy Buffet, but I thought this worth sharing.

As a post script, I’d be remiss to fail to mention the overtly racist cover of this issue of LIFE. It can be easy to forget how accepted such blatant racism was then. That’s why I study history. I never want to forget.

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