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Mixed Bag

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Today was a great day, for me anyway. Greatness darkened by the long shadows of the tragedy that happened today in Newtown, CT. I hate that.

On a general media note, it was interesting to see this play out. Cable news, particularly CNN was sucking it hard, at least around lunchtime. It annoyed me to see some parents allowing their victim/witness/children to be interviewed. What kind of narcissistic parent would even stick around to talk to media?

It seemed most major media in tv and radio forms were doing their usual – making shit up jumping to conclusions and reporting falsehoods. Most of them couldn’t even get the shooter’s name right, initially. That’s more than lazy, that’s irresponsible.

The reactions from my friends and family on Facebook was a very different animal than tv and radio. By it’s very nature, the responses were more self-centered. Despite my tolerate/hate relationship with Facebook, I don’t mean ‘self-centered’ in a negative way. The posts were more searching, some desperate. So many people asking why or setting forth their opinions on why. I saw lots of potential answers. Thankfully none calling for less guns (so far). Good to see I surround myself with intelligent friends and family.

I suppose I’m going to thrown down my two cents on this. Since it happens so rarely, in fact I think this maybe the first time ever, that I agree with anything Martin Bashir has to say, I’ll give him some credit. He suggested that we need more and better mental healthcare in this country, and I completely agree. We need to destigmatize those who seek it, and from speaking about it generally. We need to educate ourselves on what to look for, and what to do. We all really need to learn techniques for coping with stress. So much could be solved if everyone knew how to constructively handle stressful situations.

Well, here’s to hoping you and yours will have the fortune to have visions of sugar plums dance in your heads tonight. Peace.

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