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Orange Christmas

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Another Christmas has pretty much come and gone. This was a quite a good year. I’ll try to get around for for reflection before come as we close upon the year. For now, I really just wanted to show off some of the delicious orange harvest Mike and I were part of on Christmas Eve Eve, right here in Savannah:
Savannah Oranges
Thanks to Jen and Mark for letting us join in.

Yet more affirmation on why I live on the Southeast coast. Hope your holiday was as orange and bright.

Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Peace on Earth (and other nearby planets).


Norman Paperman, the Ante-legend Days

Filed under: — Jaime @ 11:38 pm

Home from work for a mini-vacation, I’m already enjoying truly just relaxing and not being stressed about much. While randomly searching online for Gull Reef Club related items, I ran across an amusing book review of Don’t Stop the Carnival from LIFE Magazine published near the book’s release, March 5, 1965:

Some of the contemporary cultural references flew over my head, but it’s a pretty cool review overall. This review adds a lot of historic perspective for me about the story itself. When I first read it, the book was already old enough to be ‘retro’. I couldn’t help but to read it that way. This review reminds me that when it was published, it was set in the current time. There was nothing retro about it. Probably doesn’t make much of a difference to anyone but me and maybe Jimmy Buffet, but I thought this worth sharing.

As a post script, I’d be remiss to fail to mention the overtly racist cover of this issue of LIFE. It can be easy to forget how accepted such blatant racism was then. That’s why I study history. I never want to forget.


New Addition to the Family

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This weekend, thanks to Mike‘s incredible instrument shopping abilities, I became owner of a sweet, little Fender P-Bass Junior. When I say little, I’m not kidding. It is so little it borders on adorable.
See? Just about adorable!

Not convinced it’s little? Try this:

When I first started playing, I was learning on the big Fender jazz bass (the far left one in that picture). The problem was, I couldn’t reach the G string easily to tune it. My very first bass that was mine (and not a loaner from Mike) was the silver vintage modified Squier Jaguar. It’s a short scale, meaning I can reach everything. This new one is even smaller. It really does sort of look like a toy.

However, it is a lot of fun to play. Probably one of the first times I’ve ever felt fat fingered about playing, an unusual experience for me. It didn’t sound ‘small’. That was something about which I was a bit concerned. While it didn’t have the booming low E like my Jaguar, it still had enough bottom to be effective and enjoyable to play.

I really wasn’t shopping for a bass. It’s Christmas time and I have no business spending money on myself. Yet, when a truly incredible deal arises, you have to bite. I somehow suspect this line of reasoning is how Mike ended up with the number of guitars he has. This could be dangerous. Perhaps Mike’s brother was right…we need an intervention.


Mixed Bag

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Today was a great day, for me anyway. Greatness darkened by the long shadows of the tragedy that happened today in Newtown, CT. I hate that.

On a general media note, it was interesting to see this play out. Cable news, particularly CNN was sucking it hard, at least around lunchtime. It annoyed me to see some parents allowing their victim/witness/children to be interviewed. What kind of narcissistic parent would even stick around to talk to media?

It seemed most major media in tv and radio forms were doing their usual – making shit up jumping to conclusions and reporting falsehoods. Most of them couldn’t even get the shooter’s name right, initially. That’s more than lazy, that’s irresponsible.

The reactions from my friends and family on Facebook was a very different animal than tv and radio. By it’s very nature, the responses were more self-centered. Despite my tolerate/hate relationship with Facebook, I don’t mean ‘self-centered’ in a negative way. The posts were more searching, some desperate. So many people asking why or setting forth their opinions on why. I saw lots of potential answers. Thankfully none calling for less guns (so far). Good to see I surround myself with intelligent friends and family.

I suppose I’m going to thrown down my two cents on this. Since it happens so rarely, in fact I think this maybe the first time ever, that I agree with anything Martin Bashir has to say, I’ll give him some credit. He suggested that we need more and better mental healthcare in this country, and I completely agree. We need to destigmatize those who seek it, and from speaking about it generally. We need to educate ourselves on what to look for, and what to do. We all really need to learn techniques for coping with stress. So much could be solved if everyone knew how to constructively handle stressful situations.

Well, here’s to hoping you and yours will have the fortune to have visions of sugar plums dance in your heads tonight. Peace.


Death Pool 2013 – The Mayans Were Wrong Edition

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Were it not for Julian’s kind reminder, I might not have considered reviving the Death Pool. In fact, the last time I hosted the Death Pool (2009), one of the players, our dear friend Wertz, died that year (yes, for real). For what I hope are obvious reasons, I shied away from playing since.

It’s been three years. Julian wants to play. I sort of miss playing. Plus, Wertz would have wanted us to play. He loved Death Pool. So – I suppose I’ll host one again. The rules are pretty much the same as 2009, with the prize being the same as well. Post your picks here or email me with your list if you want to play – jaime @ Feel free to invite anyone you want to play as well. I’ll take all reasonable submissions. I’ll post a comprehensive list of everyone’s picks once they’re in. I guess I should give a deadline to submit your list of 11:59p edt, December 31, 2012. You know, if the world hasn’t ended by then.

Rules Recap:
Submit to me 10 names of celebrities/well-known people that you think will die in 2013. The people on your list cannot currently be hospitalized (care facilities like nursing homes and drug/alcohol rehab are ok, though), nor can they be on death row. If the person on your list can not easily be found by a wikipedia or google search, then that person is not famous enough to be valid. I recommend not copying someone’s list 100%, that’s rude and lazy. If one of your picks happens to pass away after you submit your list but before the end of 2012, you will be permitted to pick a replacement. If there’s a tie in the end, winner will be decided by whomever’s picks died earlier in the year.

In Memoriam of Gobbling

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It’s December and Thanksgiving is now the farthest thing from most of our minds. However, I can’t let this year go without posting the menu. So, without further ado –

We had the usual line up: roasted turkey, gravy (based on stock started nearly a week prior), stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (with pecans or nutstitute), green bean casserole, cranberry sauce (homemade, with homegrown calamondins), collard greens, and rolls. We also continued our traditions of pumpkin and pecan pies with homemade crusts.

The bonus courses this year were dual duets of hot and cold soups, as well as an apple-based dessert. I’ll do my best to describe all of these, however all credit for not only conceptualizing but executing goes to Mike. The cold soups were served side by side in the same dish separated by homemade crème fraîche. On one was a granny smith apple with lime soup garnished with a candied cranberry; on the other side was an acorn squash, maple syrup soup, with walnut dust. The hot soups were a roasted green pepper puree served in a mini parmesan bowl which was served in a larger parmesan bowl of roasted corn chowder with peppered bacon, all with a slice of lime. The soups were stunningly-good, my favorite being the corn chowder (but not by much).

After the killer meal, we saved just enough room to finish off our stomachs and top off our esophagi with dessert. In addition to the aforementioned pie, we also carried on a more recent tradition of homemade ice cream – vanilla. Along with the ice cream, Mike served us up with some filo dough cinnamon-sugar-walnut cigars, and cinnamon/stewed/diced apples, nearly neon green apple syrup, and cinnamon syrup (both syrups being homemade). I’d highly recommend cinnamon syrup. It was like liquid french toast.

There we have it. Thanksgiving for all its posterity. Save room for next year!

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