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Plate Full of Leftovers

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Some weeks are so much more worthwhile than others. Of course, those same weeks tend to be the ones spent in a lack-of-sleep induced stupor, such as Thanksgiving week.

As many of you know, we host the feast here. This year was the biggest blow out yet. At our table were 10 of our friends and family members. Mike did a bang up job in taking the lead in the kitchen, and I had a blast helping out. I plan on posting the menu in a subsequent post. This one’s more for some ‘leftovers’.

I was reminded that I am thankful for two things (above and beyond the usual thankful-yada). First, I am thankful for not owning a cellphone. Moreover, it makes me thankful for real face time and with people who can still converse. Second, I am thankful for being smarter than the retailers want me to be. Like most years, I spent $0 on Friday (unless you count my utility consumption). I don’t get the draw, and doubt I ever will (try).

To kick off my Christmas season, I opened my new Christmas village sets. I’ve not set it up or anything. I have, however, took out all the pieces, removed all the ‘made in China’ stickers, organized the pieces, and left them in a precarious way on the table, tempting to the furry godzillas that wander about The Gull Reef Club. I also took it upon myself to ring in the season with some timely, as it were, OTR. I loaded 3 episodes each of The Jack Benny Show and Fibber McGee and Molly, as well as one The Saint – all holiday themed. I usually listen to these at work since Mike has shown no interest thus far into getting into OTR. Big thanks to Internet Archive for making these available.

If you’re still reading after all this, I’ll quickly insert that I’ve been recommended to have gum surgery to ensure my teeth do not fall out of my head. This sucks in a major way. So much so that I don’t want to dwell on it and move on to something slightly less painful.

Since we are in the downer portion of this post, I guess I can roll out my latest family history finds. It is a foreclosure notice on 80 acres in Minnesota from 1860, arising from an unpaid note by my 4th great grandfather and his wife. They owed $137.82. The nice part about finding this is that I already knew the outcome. Prior to finding the foreclosure notice, I knew this same great grandfather had gone onto work for the Hudson’s Bay Company, and then onto being a respected steamboat mechanic/inspector, working on some of the famous boats that cruised the Red River Valley. Not bad overall, despite the foreclosure. I also located a community visit notice in a St. Paul newspaper for this same great grandfather, as well as re-sourced a book excerpt where he is cited as being the first appointed inspector of steamboats for the Manitoba area for the HBC. Way to make that lemonade 4th great grandpa!

Finally, I’ve saved the coolest news for last. The film Killing Winston Jones began filming in Savannah today…in my neighborhood! We rode our bikes over and watched the crew do…something. Not really sure what. It was a lot of photographic/lighting equipment. We believe they were taking exterior shots of a house that will be used in the movie. I sort of had the urge to bring them cookies and hot chocolate. I love it when movies are filmed in Savannah (even if I never watch them). Having one that will have shots from a place in my very own neighborhood is bonus cool.

Enough. Congrats if you made it to the end. Pat yourself on the back for being better than the all of the ritalin dependent twitterphiles out there. I like you best.

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