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This month is cruising by at way too far a clip. I’m very excited about Thanksgiving but in no way ready. If time only moved as it did in 8th grade math. I might have enough then.

Some quick miscellaney before I get fully immersed in holiday prep.

I had an I-Love-Savannah moment this after noon. As I was walking through a revolving door into a building downtown, I passed a couple who were standing very close with their dog. As I went through, I hear them say to their dog in a very matter of fact way, “See, it’s a door.”

In lieu of the poor choices for radio while I’m in the shower, I’ve been opting to use our tablet to listen to old time radio instead. On an episode of The Shadow (1939) I recently heard, the basic subject matter was a mad scientist and his killer robot. I was really amused by how everyone routinely pronounced it ‘ro-BUTT” rather than the more modern, “RO-baht” – when did we collectively drop the butt?

Finally, in keeping my promise to track my genealogy progress, I was able to locate an 1895 State of Minnesota Census listing my great-great, 3rd great, and 4th great grandfathers. As the US no longer has most of the 1890 Census, it’s always nice to be able to locate any records from this time period.

That’s it for now. It’s turkey and turkey related items on the brain for the next 10 days.

The Gull Reef Club