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Another year older, another delicious birthday dinner. Thanks to Mike for making this sauce which was served over locally caught shrimp dusted with our homemade jerk spice and crusted with brown sugar and then grilled. Sides were white rice (with more of the sauce) and lightly steamed green beans with bacon, Vidalia onion, and lime. The sauce was incredible. When combined with the jerk spices and brown sugar, it was very much along the lines of a Thai curry. I’m so spoiled.

Among other Yeahtober events include Mike fully cleaning, painting, and doing general small repair to our kitchen. It is looking the best I’ve ever seen it. The bonus is that it will be done well before Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, we had one additional friend confirm his spot at the table – very excited about that. We’re also seeing progress on our fall/winter lettuce garden, which (fingers crossed) will mean a bounty of salad to go with our thankful day.

A few Bootober items – first, my recent diagnosis of advanced periodontal disease. 60-70% bone loss. Huge boos there. Not looking forward to what’s going to be happening to my mouth. Second, also tangentially dentally related – major boos to the NHL for not being able to get their shit together and have a season. Maybe it’s time Lord Stanley and his Cup looked for a new league to grace with its silvery greatness.

For Oldtober, I’ve been toying around with My Heritage since cut off my six month gift membership after about month eight. I can’t bring myself to renew with Ancestry. I haven’t decided if I would get my money’s worth another time around. Until then, if you would like access to my tree at My Heritage please let me know and I will invite you in.

Since I’ve exhausted so many online genealogy resources, I thought it might be helpful to start recording the progress I do make nowadays, if only to remind myself there is progress to be made online. In that vein, I was able to locate a marriage application & license for a set of Mike’s great grandparents, which I had been searching for for quite awhile. I also chanced upon the obituary for my maternal grandfather, which I had no idea was even available. This is why I keep looking.

Finally, rounding out the best of October -I was able to get most of my Halloween decor up. This year included the large task of replacing my bat swarm. They had been paper and had seen much better days. With Mike’s encouragement and guidance, I stenciled then cut out 35 wooden bats with a coping saw. I also painted them with thinned black enamel and strung them all over our foyer. It’s looking scary. I’ll try to try to get pictures this year.

Happy October!

The Gull Reef Club