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Welcome Baby B!

Filed under: — Jaime @ 2:08 am

Today my nephew, the adorable Baby B was born. I’m having flashbacks to September 1983.

Welcome little one. Stay calm and have fun (as you plot to take over the world).

Baby B


Nostalgic Rage

Filed under: — Jaime @ 2:31 am

Not wanting the terrorists to win, I had a mostly normal day that began with me nearly losing a contact lens and dribbling toothpaste all over myself. It was mostly routine after that. Except for the pirates who made an appearance after lunch (have I mentioned I love my job?).

I’m politely weary of people reminding me to remember today. I got it. Thanks. Now please take down those annoying red, white, and blue overlaid with soaring eagles and back-lit twin towers ‘Never Forget’ images. They’re just spamming up the internet.

Other random thoughts –
*I’m already surmising how I will decorate for Halloween this year. That’s ok, right?
*Note to the Chicago Teachers Union – you’re losing the PR war. America really dislikes you guys right now. You are presenting yourselves as spoiled and out of touch. I didn’t think it possible anyone/thing could make Rahm Emmanuel seem sympathetic.
*Thank you Jimmy Buffett for writing songs that I can play. Especially Pencil Thin Mustache. Thanks to Mike for the patience to teach me.
*Speaking of mustaches – Kevin Youkilis, you are a hilarous genius.
*I’ve been obsessed with Kroger’s fruit bars lately, especially strawberry and coconut. We’re out right now and I’m actually jonesing for one.
*How is it that I’m just learning about throwies? Thanks again to Mike.
*Lastly, it’s only September, mid September at that, and we have been able to turn off the a/c. This is a record cool year all around. Screw you, Georgia Power – you’d don’t get $400 from me this month!


Labor Tree

Filed under: — Jaime @ 6:49 pm

Ah yes, another Labor Day spent not laboring. That’s the American way. It is now anyway. I’ve had a lot of ancestors work a lot of crappy hours to help get me here. In looking over my family tree, I see a variety of occupations – from the truly laborious to the essential to the mundane to the wildly interesting.

Like many white Americans, I have more than a few farmers in my background (note: no plantations, just farms). Some of whom were quite prominent land owners after pioneering parts of the Midwest. A number of the more recent immigrants from my mom’s side were iron miners in the chilly parts of northern Wisconsin and Michigan. Of course, most of the women were housewives, but did their fair share of the labor garnering none of the glory or even pay. Among the more unique occupations I’ve run across are market master, grain inspector, steamboat engineer, train engineer, cobbler, gunsmith, and physician. All in all, lifetimes of labor feeding the family tree.

Now, it’s time to go BBQ!

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